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Health Care in The Beaches of Toronto, Canada

Massage Therapists in TorontoActive Healing Centre is an award-winning health care facility located in The Beaches neighbourhood of East Toronto.

The Beach community is known for promoting an active life style which is reflected in the characters of our mural. The mural on our building was painted by members of Community Centre 55.

We support the community in various ways:

  • Sponsor of Beach Tyke Lacrosse
  • Providing a community garden to decrease our carbon footprint
  • Mural painted by Community Centre 55
  • Member of the Kingston Road Village Business Community

Our Team

Our team of highly-skilled, licensed and certified male and female therapists will make you feel comfortable and at ease while they focus on your health, your well-being, while providing pain-relief.

The therapists at Active Healing Centre incorporate new techniques and treatment styles that enhance a patients well-being. We are at the forefront of healthcare, and are continually updating our knowledge and expertise.

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We have a wide variety of treatments available, including:

Each treatment is unique and specific for the patient. It’s what makes us stand out from the rest.


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To book an appointment, you can reach us at +1 (416) 699-0336.



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Active Healing Centre is located in The Beaches, Toronto, on the corner of Kingston Road and Silver Birch Avenue.


Active Healing Centre

Address :
937 Kingston Road,
M4E 1S6

Telephone: (416) 699-0336
E-mail: activehealingcentre at


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