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My New Year's Resolution

Getting in Shape

Here we are, just days into the New Year, and I always wonder “Where did the year go?”  The holiday season tends to be a blur for me (as a Massage Therapist), due to the amount of work involved. By the time I’m ready to celebrate the holiday season, it’s over.

Every year, I resolve to change my acquired bad habits from the previous year. All those hopes, dreams, and aspirations, only resulted in a little more weight gain, and a lot more stress.

My theory; Age is proportionate to gravity. What you lose in height, you gain in weight.

Since weight loss is difficult enough, I’m going to focus on eating better. I’m going to try and eliminate junk food, eat more fruit, follow the 100-mile diet, drink lots of water, and follow Canada’s Food Guide.

The operative word here is: TRY, but since I enjoy food too much, I’ll have to fool my body into losing weight using other means.

Those means include, getting more exercise. Since winters can be incredibly long, I’ve added more hockey to my schedule. If you’ve seen me play, you would suggest I find another activity, but what I enjoy and what I’m good at are two different things.

With all this increased activity, I’ll get the benefit of getting back into shape, keeping my weight down, lowering my stress level, and having fun. It’s a Win-Win-Win!

So, I’m going to keep at it and hopefully still be able to see my feet by this time, next year.