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Walking is Good for You

Step Out

In my attempts to get back into shape, I’ve taken up walking again. To me, I equate walking with hiking and my hike to Patagonia in February, 2012 still fresh in my mind, it just about killed me –literally and figuratively speaking.

I was going to try running first, but I have to remember; baby steps first!

The Toronto Star recently interviewed Harley Pasternak.

Walking is constant motion, and though the mantra of 10,000 steps is the goal just the fact of getting active is enough for most. We spend most of our day sitting (which is what I’m doing now), and our activity levels have dropped dramatically.

Walking is simple and everyone can do it.
No more excuses.
So get out there and enjoy the glorious weather that we’re having, after another winter that we’ve been cooped up in, while staring at the walls. This is your time to make a change, one step at a time.