Active Healing Centre

Taking Pictures


As the construction along Kingston Road comes to a completion (at least in our area), it makes me think back to my days/years in construction.

I’ve worked in:
Concrete –forms, pouring, mixing etc.
Asphalt –laying down, tamping etc.
Bricks –courses, mortar, mixing
Others areas –jackhammer, labourer etc.

Sadly, I have the injuries to prove it.
1. Dislocated shoulder
2. Second degree burns
3. Low back pain
4. Numerous scars
Now, a few years later (I won’t say how many) I get to treat them.
I would rather be on this side of the treatment table.

With all the work they’ve done, I’ve taken to overseeing my corner and short of setting up a toll booth I hope that people will respect all the work that they’ve done.
Come and see for yourself.

On Sunday, August 18th from 12 to 4 pm, we are having a BLOCK PARTY to celebrate.
I hope to see you there.