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Our society was supposed to have more leisure time with the advent of computers, but all they have done is make us work harder AND get muscle pains that we never thought possible. From text neck, neck pain, shoulder pain (all with blogs for a later day) we discover new ways to hurt ourselves.

Just the other day, I had someone come in complaining about pain in their thumb from too much computer work and mousing (if there even is such a word).

So, I showed them a high tech solution to their problem.

  1. First grab a pen.
  2. Then get an elastic band.
  3. Wrap the elastic band tightly around the pen. Slip your thumb between the elastic band and the pen, while using your hands for support.
  4. Lightly stretch your thumb away from the pen. Hold for 20 seconds.
    Now you’re doing resistance exercise.

If you can’t find an elastic band, just ask your friendly neighbourhood Canada Post mail delivery person for one. I’m sure they would be more than happy to accommodate.

A simple solution for a difficult, painful and preventable problem.

On that topic, what other ways do you know how you can hurt yourself from computer use. Send me a note, and I’ll write a blog with description and possible solution for you.

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