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There was an excellent article in The Toronto Star on April 13, 2019 on the possible injuries that gamers could sustain while learning their craft.

Don’t laugh like I initially did, but the players sustain injuries like other athletes to the point that they have to retire early because of the pain.

Gamers, are the new breed of patient seeking help from DC, PT and RMT.

The average demographic of a ‘gamer’ is: men, aged 18-34.

There is evidence that texting and gaming, is creating osteoarthritis of the thumbs. OUCH!
In gaming, the thumb is in the position for extended periods of time. Muscles shorten, and adhesions form making stretching and function painful. Numbness and tingling soon follow.

Gamers take on a hunched position that doesn’t support the spine. They suffer from arthritis, stiffness, inflammation, joint pain and immobility. Said, Dr Chris Oswald, DC

Pro gamers support teams could include coaches, analysts, nutritionists, fitness trainers who help build structure in their day. “To play at that level, there is a physiological, psychological and mental strain. They need to be focused as they are making split second decisions that translate into wrist or finger movement, which can be draining.” says Wim Stocks of World Gaming Network.

Moving away from the stereotypical gamer -sitting downstairs and playing, is an athlete who goes to the gym, works out, eats a balanced diet and gets the necessary rest.

1. use ergonomic chairs or stand desks
2. get some arm rests
3. stretch every morning and night
4. strive for a sound body and a relaxed mind

While you may not make the cut (only 1% do) you can still enjoy the competitive platform without having to suffer from repetitive stress syndrome.

Let the games begin