Active Healing Centre


During these past few months Kingston Road (from Main Street to Victoria Park Avenue) is a construction zone. In 2012, they will be ripping up the street to replace the water mains. In 2013, they will repeat the process and replace the TTC tracks. You would think they would coordinate the work and do it all at once. …


How Fast Can You Run?

I’ve recently started running again, and though I should do it for health reasons (at least three times a week, for 20-minutes), my incentive is actually because my middle-age spread is getting larger and I don’t like the size of it. I would usually be out cycling, but due to time-constraints running is quicker –unlike me! My intent was to …


Have You Seen Your Core?

Do you want to ride your bike easier? Do you want to have proper position in the saddle? Do you want to improve your golf game? Then Pilates may be the answer you’re looking for. If you love your bike, but can do without the discomfort in your upper back after spending hours hunched over your handlebars, then Pilates may be for you. …


Ride, Sally, Ride

With apologies to Wilson Pickett, Sally should have been on a bike, because I love being on mine. I had my first ride of the season (I’m a fair-weather cyclist), and it was great being outdoors. Due to time constraints, we didn’t make it to the lighthouse along the Leslie Street spit, but got some good mileage in. I’m trying to …