Active Healing Centre

Sports Massage

With the weather finally here, we can get out there and enjoy ourselves without the prospect of injury. Here are some strategies to prevent an injury from becoming debilitating. RULES: 1. Know how the injury happened. Check skills and movement pattern, frequency of injury of the specific joint …


Relaxing Massage

How does a nice relaxing massage sound right about now, or today, perhaps tomorrow, next week, next month… It’s the kind of statement that makes you stop and think, especially when you’re stressed out or full of anxiety. Just saying the word, “Massage” exudes a certain calmness that you can’t get anywhere else. …



There was an excellent article in The Toronto Star on April 13, 2019 on the possible injuries that gamers could sustain while learning their craft. Don’t laugh like I initially did, but the players sustain injuries like other athletes to the point that they have to retire early because of the pain. Gamers, are the new breed of …


Spring Cleaning

Spring is coming… The birds are chirping. You have more energy. You are getting up early. You’re enjoying the scenery. Although it feels great, don’t you know that deep down inside it could be just a little better .One of the easiest ways to kick start your day is with a liver cleanse. What? More stuff to do. …