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I See You

To paraphrase the Wicked Witch of The West (in The Wizard of Oz), “All the better to see you with, my pretty …” We now have a LED magnifying glass which will allow us to see your skin in intimate detail. Flip on the light switch and ALL your imperfections show up. Actually, it’s not that bad. The magnifier will …


Text Neck

There was a recent (March 25, 2017) article in The Toronto Star by Emma Teitel on the hazards of cell phones. To quote, “…we saw lots of wonderful things, but chief among them was the sky -something you don’t see very often when your face is buried in a smartphone.” The author went on to …


V is for Vacation

A vacation is a chance to reset your life, before bad habits return. They’re back with a vengeance. I’m getting stooped posture, from leaning into a computer screen, as opposed to hauling luggage. I’m waking early, instead of waking whenever. I’m seeing regular faces, instead of new travelers who are seeing …