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As the construction along Kingston Road comes to a completion (at least in our area), it makes me think back to my days/years in construction. I’ve worked in: Concrete –forms, pouring, mixing etc.; Asphalt –laying down, tamping etc.; Bricks –courses, mortar, mixing; Others areas –jackhammer, labourer etc. …


Pan Am Games

The Pan Am Games will be hosted in Toronto in 2015. We could hold try-outs along Kingston Road, while the roadway is under construction. We could borrow some of the equipment, such as: pylons, which could turned into an obstacle course or steeplechase; yellow tape, could be used for …


Learn 2 Run

I have taken up running again after a very long hiatus. I joined the Running Room so I can learn properly. I signed up at the Running Room, Beaches location on Monday evenings and so far I’ve confirmed that I’m badly out of shape, with no stamina. It is my vain attempt at getting back into shape and …


New Website

After months of delay and weeks of tweaking our new website is finally complete, and it is gorgeous. I hope you like it. We have been in business since 2008, and this is our third website to be built. A website should be redone every 3-5 years to keep it current and fresh, as technology has changed to …


A Little Pregnant

I’m currently treating a patient who is 7.5 months pregnant, and she is glowing! I started seeing her as she entered her third trimester, and as she is getting closer to her due date the frequency of treatments will increase. She is exhibiting the normal signs of pregnancy: insomnia and nausea. Here are a few other changes that …