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No Tips, Please!

In the education of patients, the issue of tipping seems to be a point of confusion. Tips are generally expected in the service industry, such as restaurants or bars. In other service areas, the lines get blurred. In the aesthetics industry, including but not limited to nail salons, hairdressers etc, it is an understood practice to …



I’m dusting off my clubs and taking up the game of golf again, after a long hiatus. The final insult was when I could throw my club further (a 9-iron) than I could hit the ball. I’ll be getting ready for the Geomatics golf tournament and went out to play myself into shape, so as not to …



As part of my patient education, I use my bible for exercises which I give to patients. The book, by Bob Anderson, is appropriately called “Stretching.” It has a myriad of specific exercises and stretching routines, from general office work to sport-specific training programs. It’s thorough and detailed, and it gives you length of …