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Massage Highlights

In Massage Therapy news, there was a discussion on the benefits of massage for horses. Make sure that the therapist is a trained professional. They should take a specialized program and is a graduate of an accredited school: International Association of Animal Massage and Bodywork / Association of Canine Water Therapy (IAAMB/ACWT) …


New Direction

I’m taking the blog into a new direction, from an ad-hoc style of writing to one that will be more informative. I will be writing three days a week on the following platform: MONDAY: Patient Education, where we will discuss the partnership between the therapist and the patient. Topics will range from showing up for …



There are times when I feel that we should change our name from Active Healing Centre to Pro-Active Healing Centre. I would add in the word PRO, because we are health care professionals with a wide variety of experience and expertise. We are also pro-active when it comes to suggesting other forms of …


March Break

With long-awaited anticipation for students and teachers alike, March Break is finally here! For one week, there will not be any thoughts of reading nor studying for tests of any kind. It will be just one week of harmony, bliss and relaxation, with lots of sleeping in. This will soon be replaced with …


Let It Snow

After a long wait, the snow has finally arrived in the GTA and I’m already tired of it. Skiers (downhill or cross-country) may be in heaven, but for the rest of us… The light dusting we had for Christmas was pleasant to see, but finding 4-6 inches of snow when I woke up wasn’t. After doing some pre-shovelling stretches, I managed to …