I am a casual golfer. If you see me play, you would understand why. Don’t follow my lead on the course, but rather my tips on getting into golf-shape by focusing on your core:

  1. Sit on a stability ball (appropriate for your height), with arms in a forward position.
    Hold a medicine ball (appropriate to your strength) straight out, then without moving your hips, rotate on the ball in a slow, controlled motion, twist from one side to the other, while keeping your waist stable. To increase the level of difficulty, raise one foot off the ground and then switch side.
  2. Begin in a lunge position with your right-foot forward and your knee over your ankle. Your left foot is back to provide stability, but with your heel up and knee towards the floor. Hold the medicine ball with both hands at your left hip. As you straighten up out of the lunge, lift the ball until its overhead. Lunge again, but this time bring the ball towards the right hip. Repeat.

Other hints:
YOGA for core strength and stability (abdominals, oblique, lower back muscles) means more club speed and longer distance.
A solid core also helps improve balance, leading to consistent shot-making and contact.

Full body flexibility targeting the shoulders, back, legs to achiever increased ROM producing speed, power, position for more distance, consistency, and prevent injury.

Drink lots of water as dehydration can cause fatigue and increase the risk of injury.

Yoga teaches you to focus on your breathing, which helps you stay focused on your shot. FORE!