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Do You Have PC Posture

Do You Have PC Posture? When computers first arrived (IBM introduced the home computer in 1981), they were supposed to allow us to have more leisure time –let’s all laugh at the same time. HA HA! With the advent of computer technology and the increased expectation in productivity, there were more health-related problems associated with

MASSAGE, in the news

MASSAGE, In The News A recent article in The Vancouver Sun ( extols the benefits of massage therapy as it relates to runners/walkers. Here is the link: Amongst the many benefits of massage therapy for runners and walkers: aids in the relief of muscle soreness and injury prevention increased range of motion improved flexibility

Have You Seen Your Core

Do you want to ride your bike easier? Do you want to have proper position in the saddle? Do you want to improve your golf game? Then Pilates may be the answer you’re looking for. CYCLING If you love your bike, but can do without the discomfort in your upper back after spending hours hunched

I Need Exercise

I Need Exercise! With summer dwindling down and the heat of the day drawing to a close, I lament the passage of the warm months for another year. Beyond the fleeting moments of sunshine, you can count on The Ex to signify that summer will soon be over and that school is just around the

Taxes is a 4-letter word

With the tax deadline fast approaching (April 30th), many of us are attempting to do our own by using a software program, or through a Chartered Accountant, as I do (Robert Gore & Associates). Regardless of which category you fall into, read on for some helpful hints to prevent pain and discomfort, and to make

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