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I recently had a treatment with Janelle, our Naturopathic Doctor who also does acupuncture. I have had good results with acupuncture usually when it relates to treating my shoulder pain. My injury is from the after-effect of a rock climbing accident many years ago, which gets exacerbated by my work as a Massage Therapist. This

PHYSIOTHERAPY, in the news

PHYSIOTHERAPY, in the news How ironic! Currently both the physiotherapist and massage therapist are treating patients with heel pain –it must be the weather. After dusting off your shoes you may think you’re ready for a run, but as Niall McGregor, PT points out, this is when we are most susceptible to injury. It is


EPSOM SALTS BATH Epsom salt baths are recommended by massage therapists within 24-hours after a massage, but they don’t specify how it can help and what it can do. Here is a short list of the benefits and uses of this salt: eases stress and relaxes the body relieves pain and muscle cramps curing skin

My New Year’s Resolution

My New Year's Resolution Here we are, just days into the New Year, and I always wonder “Where did the year go?”  The holiday season tends to be a blur for me (as a Massage Therapist), due to the amount of work involved. By the time I'm ready to celebrate the holiday season, they’re over.


SILLY SEASON Silly Season arrived early this year. We have been busy since early November, and will continue until the end of the year, when time runs out on yet another year. Silly season is defined as, when individuals realize they have extended health benefits and try to use them up all in one month

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