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And Now, a Chiropractor

And now, a CHIROPRACTOR It has taken five years, but we finally have a Chiropractor to add to our list of therapies available at the clinic. I had a non-compete clause in my previous contract, and though it was a deterrent at the start, it actually helped me grow as an individual and as a

It’s Apparent, I’m Not A Parent

IT’S APPARENT, I’M NOT A PARENT. On Friday November 15, I was host to the 52nd Cub Scout Troop, based out of Balmy Beach Community Centre ( I tried to entertain 25 kids spread over three different groups, and thought I knew what to say to help educate them as to what services we offer

Physiotherapy in the News

PHYSIOTHERAPY IN THE NEWS         In a recent news report, physical therapy has been shown to be just as good for knee injuries (torn meniscus) as surgery, at less cost and risk. Results were published online by the New England Journal of Medicine. Highlights of the report are: The therapy was nine sessions on average


  MIRROR, MIRROR ON THE WALL When I do an assessment on a patient, I ask them to look at their reflection in a mirror. What they see usually astounds them when they notice that one shoulder is higher than the other, or their head is sitting crooked on their shoulders. Disturbing –Yes, but definitely

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