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With Apologies to Ron and Don

Ice Hockey Musings

I love playing hockey!

Unfortunately my passion for the sport, does not translate into the talent needed for the game. As my retired captain of the Dark Knights once said, “You’re the worst player on the team”, though it never stops me from trying.

Every Canadian learns how to skate. It’s how we survive the cold winter months and embrace winter. In Toronto, the damp weather extends the winter months from November to April, which conveniently enough coincides with a hockey season. There may be 4 seasons in a year, but to a dedicated player it could be a year-round pursuit.

We cope by playing and in my years, my love for the game has not diminished. Watching professional teams on the other hand adds a level of frustration (Yes, I’m a Leaf fan) as arm-chair athletes we can so much better. So we lace them up, and pretend…

I have noticed beyond my refusal to grow old (in mind at least) is the need for increased exercise, and physical activity. “Motion is Lotion” may be the mantra for those with arthritis, but my growling joints remind me to keep them lubricated as well.

Whether you are devoted to Gary Roberts High Performance Training or workout with a personal trainer or at your local gym, here is a set of exercises to maintain your love for the game, even if you don’t have the talent to match.

So get out, and play. It’s the only time we can act like kids again and enjoy the sheer joy of the game.