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How Fast Can You Run?

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I’ve recently started running again, and though I should do it for health reasons (at least three times a week, for 20-minutes), my incentive is actually because my middle-age spread is getting larger and I don’t like the size of it. I would usually be out cycling, but due to time-constraints running is quicker –unlike me!

My intent was to run laps in the grass at the local school (Adam Beck Community Centre), but in the early morning hours, it has turned into a dog park. I just hope the owners practice, Poop and Scoop.

Having just started my training, I’m not fast enough to outrun one dog let alone a pack of them, so I checked out the neighbourhood instead. I see what’s for sale (usually check in with my real estate agent) and keep an eye on the ‘hood. I not only work in the area, but I live here too!

I’ll see how I feel in the morning –whether I stretched enough post-run, but I can still breathe and am not coughing up a lung. I just have to keep motivated enough to continue, but if aches become injuries then I’ll use the services of my colleagues.

I did not get a centre just for me though some days it feels that way, but rather I’m using all the therapies available, as they are effective in their own way. See for yourself.

I don’t plan on doing any marathons, because then I would have to train for it. I just want to feel good again, and gaining a few years by shedding a few pounds is incentive enough for me.