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I’ve recently started running again, and though I should do it for health reasons (at least three times a week, for 20-minutes), my incentive is actually because my middle-age spread is getting larger and I don’t like the size of it. I would usually be out cycling, but due to time-constraints running is quicker –unlike me!

My intent was to run laps in the grass at the local school (Adam Beck Community Centre;, but in the early morning hours, it has turned into a dog park. I just hope the owners practice, Poop and Scoop.

Having just started my training, I’m not fast enough to outrun one dog let alone a pack of them, so I checked out the neighbourhood instead. I see what’s for sale (usually check in with my agent; and keep an eye on the ‘hood. I not only work in the area, but I live here too!

I’ll see how I feel in the morning –whether I stretched enough post-run, but I can still breathe and am not coughing up a lung. I just have to keep motivated enough to continue, but if aches become injuries then I’ll use the services of my colleagues.

I did not get a centre just for me though some days it feels that way, but rather I’m using all the therapies available, as they are effective in their own way. See for yourself.

I don’t plan on doing any marathons, because then I would have to train for it. I just want to feel good again, and gaining a few years by shedding a few pounds is incentive enough for me.

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