Active Healing Centre

Your First Visit

What to Expect

After you have found us in the neighbourhood — by word-of-mouth referral (friend or Medical Doctor) or the internet (Google is the number one search engine for a reason) — there is an intake form to complete which will help us determine the best course of care.

For Massage Therapy or Physiotherapy we have a one page form, whereas the Naturopath has an 11-page form which can give you writer’s cramp. It’s thorough and detailed, and Janelle will know everything about you.

Every regulatory body has a prescribed set of questions, which must be completed. Further testing (if warranted) will allow us to provide customized care in forming a treatment plan.

With the treatment underway, your therapist will address your chief complaint and treat accordingly.

When the treatment is complete, we will look into providing home care suggestions which will augment the treatment. I’m always wary of therapists who DO NOT give remedial exercises. They may prefer that you become dependent on their treatment, but I feel it is a disservice as it enhances your treatment.

Another appointment (if needed) is scheduled to continue with the treatment, it is rare that one treatment can solve the issue. With subsequent treatments, we will discuss the outcome, address any issues and continue with the plan which is to get you better.

See your doctor if the pain persists or doesn’t go away within a day or two.
See your therapist if treatment is recommended.