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Learn 2 Run

Running Log

I have taken up running again after a very long hiatus.
I joined the Running Room so I can learn properly.

I signed up at the Running Room, Beaches location on Monday evenings and so far I’ve confirmed that I’m badly out of shape, with no stamina.

It is my vain attempt at getting back into shape and to have fun at the same time.

My concerns about running are with regards to injuries such as:
• shin splints
• hamstring strain
• sore feet
• low back pain

The class usually starts with a brief lecture on the benefits of running, or what shoes to look for etc. Some pre- and post- stretching and we’re off, initially at a 1-minute run and 1-minute walk, but with each successive week the time and distance will increase.

Running is a social sport and should allow you to have a conversation with your fellow runners. Periodically I will break out into a Mad Dog Run, just to burn off some excess energy, but generally stay with the group.

One of my colleagues –Janelle Albas ND, produced an excellent article, “Surviving Your First 5 km run,” which I refer to frequently.

Two weeks into it, and I’m getting hooked.
If you ever feel the need for speed, this might be it –you just have to produce your own