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Penny Oleksiak Syndrome

What Is It?

Have you been captivated by this 16-year old phenom like the rest of Canada has?

So far: 1 Gold, 1 Silver, 2 Bronze with the chance of adding another medal tomorrow night. She could be our most decorated Olympian and she could have at least another 2 Olympic games to compete in. The future is now for Swim Canada.

Here are the PO symptoms:

  1. tight shoulders from urging Penny in her swim events
  2. sore jaw from smiling so much
  3. hoarse throat from yelling her name. With apologies to Sheldon Cooper, this is our Penny
  4. tired eyes, because you cannot get enough of her performance
  5. bouncing feet from jumping up and down
  6. sore knees from standing at attention during our national anthem

When she touched the wall, we waited with her. Held our collective breath and watched her slowly turn around. GOLD!!!

I vote for her to be our flag-bearer during the closing ceremonies.