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Is for Vacation

With apologies to Alan Moore and David Lloyd, V should be for Vacation not Vendetta.

With memories fading of a wonderful trip to Greece in September 2016, I hit the reset button on my work, and actually got away for just a little while. The clinic was still standing when I returned.

A vacation is a chance to reset your life, before bad habits return.
They’re back with a vengeance.

  1. I’m getting stooped posture, from leaning into a computer screen, as opposed to hauling luggage.
  2. I’m waking early, instead of waking whenever.
  3. I’m seeing regular faces, instead of new travelers who are seeing the world. Man, the Aussies certainly get around.
  4. I’m getting back into a work routine, just before silly season arrives

With a holiday though, you can look back onto photo’s or Facebook and reminisce. It’s time to plan the next one.