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Keep Your Head Up

Good Posture

Do you ever notice when someone is standing tall, they move gracefully as if gliding, while the rest of us look like we’re just shuffling along. It all has to do with posture?

They make it look easy, because they stand erect without a stooped posture, with their neck and shoulders back, and proper postural alignment of their spine.

  • shoulders are relaxed
  • low back is in a neutral position
  • knees are slightly bent
  • feet are firmly planted

They make it look effortless, without the accompanying pain and discomfort that we usually feel.

With certain exercise programs (yoga for posture, pilates for core strength) you too can develop this look.

In this position, your neck relaxes with your eyes focused on the horizon instead of looking down. Unless you’re looking for money, this forces you to remain upright and take in deep breaths.

FYI: when stressed, take a deep breath to a count of 10 and exhale to a count of 6

If you’re looking to stretch your shoulders, lie back on a foam roller or a rolled-up towel along the spine. You need something soft (to prevent bruising) but firm enough to allow support. Hold for 30 seconds, and slowly raise yourself up.

Lean into your low back, and make sure your bed isn’t a contributing factor as you should awake refreshed. Your sleeping position can adversely affect your sleep pattern.

Back problems affect 68% of the population and there are many solutions to the pain. The primary preventative measure is exercise, with the focus on protecting your back.

Other factors involved can be from: restricted hamstrings, hip issues, decreased muscle tone, spinal curvature, or twisting without moving your feet.

As you can see, it rarely is just one thing but usually multiple factors that can prevent you from living a pain-free life.

But you’re worth it!

See your doctor if the pain persists or doesn’t go away within a day or two.
See your therapist if treatment is recommended.