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As part of my patient education, I use my bible for exercises which I give to patients. The book, by Bob Anderson, is appropriately called “Stretching.”

It has a myriad of specific exercises and stretching routines, from general office work to sport-specific training programs. It’s thorough and detailed, and it gives you length of time that you need to hold each stretch for. It specifically shows which shaded areas (or muscles) are primarily affected.

Some things to keep in mind;

  • Many recent studies have shown that active people lead fuller lives. They have more stamina, resist illness, and stay trim
  • Stretching before and after you work out will keep you flexible and help avoid injuries
  • Stretching is not stressful. It is peaceful, relaxing and non-competitive.
  • Spend 10-15 seconds in an easy stretch, no bouncing. Go to the point of mild tension, and relax as you hold the stretch
  • Do not hold your breath while stretching
  • Stretch to prevent muscle soreness and stiffness

Stretching helps reduce muscle tension, increases range of motion, prevents injuries, maintains flexibility, and feels good.

With the potential for injury in sports, it’s amazing that we still pursue it. Having a book like this to reference, should prevent you from spending more time on the side-lines than on the playing field.