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Tight Enough

Running Log

As part of the Running Room training, we stretch before and after a run. Our group of 10 wannabe runners take our spot at the entrance of Kew Gardens while we follow Charles as he leads us into various stretches.

Starting with large steps to get your legs limber and heart pumping, then into light arm movements to stretch and tone the body.

I’m always looking to get the pre-stretching over with so we can get into the run, but lately I need more time to limber up because I’m feeling my age!

The areas we focus on are:
• Ankles
• Calves
• Hamstrings
• Quads
• Low back
• Shoulders

To increase your flexibility, you may consider doing a light stretch routine in the morning and if you need further work perhaps a class in Yoga For Runners.

If your issue (like mine) are tight hamstrings, then check for pelvic misalignment.

If the hamstring problem is bilateral and resistant to stretching and the pelvis is balanced, then it could be a case of overworked quadriceps (which is about 90% of the active population) or bilateral shortened iliopsoas from too much sitting (most often the result of a sedentary occupation/lifestyle).


See your doctor if the pain persists or doesn’t go away within a day or two.
See your therapist if treatment is recommended.