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Text Neck

Looking Down at Cell Phones

There was a recent (March 25, 2017) article in the Toronto Star by Emma Teitel on the hazards of cell phones. To quote, “…we saw lots of wonderful things, but chief among them was the sky -something you don’t see very often when your face is buried in a smartphone.”

The author went on to discuss a book by Wade Sorochan, called Unsocial Media: Virtual World Causing Real World Anxiety. 

It detailed the harmful effects avid social media use can have on a person’s health.
1. from “text neck” -when adolescents develop degenerative back and neck problems
2. to depression
3. or perhaps leading to a drooping jawline
4. all from being attached to your phone, especially by blue-rich light emitted by most LED devices (TV, cell phone, electronic gadgets)

Here are some smart easy ways to address this affliction:
-hold your smartphone up so that the screen is in line with your eyesight
-don’t use your phone within one hour of going to bed
-do gentle neck stretches (forwards, backwards, and roll side to side)
-try glasses with amber-tinted lenses, known to block blue light

Cell phones are here to stay, but we just have to find a way that they can help us, not hurt us.