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Valentine’s Day Nears

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner (especially since I’m writing this on a cold winter’s day), I thought I would deviate just a little bit to give you some tips on creating a treat for you and your partner.

1. start on the lower legs, ankle and feet
Using both hands, glide your hands Up from the ankle to the knee, while maintaining firm but gentle pressure.
Don’t massage the feet, ankles of a pregnant woman without consulting her health care practitioner.
(a) using circular motion; stroke the ankles, sides of the heel, and feet towards the toe

2. stand behind your partner and with gentle pressure start easy pressure on their shoulders
moving down the arms towards the hands, to give a gentle squeeze
(a) move your hands from the base of their neck towards the outside of the shoulders and down towards the hand
(b) repeat on the other side

3. start at the ear lobe (using light pressure) move towards the scalp. Maintain contact (using fingertips) with scalp towards the base of the skull

4. holding your partner’s hands, begin stroking towards the elbow
Taking one finger at a time, massage and rotate the knuckle to stretch the hands
(a) repeat on the other side

Don’t massage areas of pain, inflammation or broken skin
Support body parts with pillows
Children under two should not be given scalp massage
Don’t press on bony areas
Start closest to the body while stroking out
Direct the pressure towards the heart