Active Healing Centre

Mural, Mural

On the Wall

In 2012, the summer students of Community Centre 55 transformed a drab, red brick wall at the clinic into a mural featuring a sports-themed entity that inspires awe in the local community. We have six athletic figures with varying sport themes: Volleyball, Diving, Hockey, Yoga, Cycling, and Running.

When we were deciding on which theme to choose, we couldn’t make it an avenue for advertising for the clinic otherwise a special permit would be required. Since we treat athletes with various abilities (and injuries), it was a perfect fit for us.

The background was in soften yellow to enhance the black figures who would adorn the wall. I would always tell new patients to look for the building with the large mural. You couldn’t miss it!

As time marched on however, the mural took a beating because it was exposed to the elements. It was starting to show its age and though we tried a touch-up or two, it was starting to wear away.

A decision needed to be made.

Yesterday while waiting, I started playing with the flaking paint on the brick. I’m the kid whose Mom would yell, “Stop picking it” -and couldn’t.

In the span of a few hours, I managed to scrape off (with appropriate tools, rather than my valuable massage hands) most of the lower-half of the mural. I had paint chips in yellow, black and green adorning the sidewalk in a kaleidoscope of colours.

Once I scrape it down to the base and repair any broken bricks, I’ll let the contractor come in to parge the area. I will then have a nice clean slate to start from.

Now I’m faced with a dilemma.

Do I keep the current mural and update the colours?
OR Do I get a new mural?

Any suggestions?

In an ironic turn of events, there was an article published in The Beach Metro news edition of a mural being commissioned by Foodland. The location is at Silver Birch and Queen. Their mural will be larger than mine. For further details on this project or more check out: