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How do you spell relief: M A S S A G E
by Edward Tonus, RMT

How does a nice relaxing massage sound right about now, or today, perhaps tomorrow, next week, next month…

It’s the kind of statement that makes you stop and think, especially when you’re stressed out or full of anxiety. Just saying the word, “Massage” exudes a certain calmness that you can’t get anywhere else. I should know, I’m a massage therapist who gives this kind of relaxation on a daily basis. Interested?

Massage in its purest form helps to:
1. Reduce stress
2. Improve circulation
3. Reduce pain
4. Eliminate toxins
5. Increase flexibility
6. Improve sleep
7. Enhance immunity
8. Reduce fatigue
9. Alleviate depression and anxiety
10. Reduce post-injury swelling

Massage rewards you with:
1. Helps you relax
2. Soothe injured muscles
3. Improve blood circulation
4. Promotes health
5. Lower risk of injury

Massage helps you in:
1. Better golf. Better game. More fun for you.
2. Relaxed sleep. Better focus. Enjoy life.
3. Less pain. Decreased medication. Your liver and stomach will thank you.
4. Decreased stress. Improved mood. Happy, Happy, Happy.
5. Because it feels good.

Here is a video, just as a precursor of what you can expect in a massage:

This moment of relaxation can be yours too. Just pick up the phone or book online. We’re waiting…

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