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Massage Therapy

How it Helps Clients

An excerpt from an article by Cindy McNeely in Massage Therapy Today:

What made you decide to have your first massage?
I suffered from back/shoulder/neck problems from years of working on a computer, plus regular migraines.

Do you remember your first massage?
Oh yes. It felt like my body was waking up and letting go. My muscles were no longer locked and in knots, the pinched nerves were releasing, and the blood was flowing again.

Why did you decide to get a massage?
I was in constant pain and could not sit properly. My neck and shoulders were always stiff and I kept getting headaches.

What effect did it have on you?
I could move again. I finally had relief.

Why do you continue to get massage during your life?
With my type of work, if I don’t get massage therapy on a regular basis, my muscles and joints get stiff and locked up. I also suffer more migraine pain and the pain can become intense. To me, massage is preventative maintenance. Take care of your body and your body will take care of you.

Do you think the needs or women and men are different when it comes to receiving massage?
Not really. I have so many male friends who go for massage on a regular basis with the same issues. We all have muscles, joints and nerves, and we all hold stress.

Do you have one special memory related to receiving massage therapy?
That would have to be my first time having a massage. When I was done, I wanted to kick myself for not going sooner. The years I could have lived without so much pain!

Three different individuals. Three different stories. All with one common theme.
-Massage therapy HELPS!