Active Healing Centre

Covid Protocols in Place

Minimizing the Risks


Well, 2020 ended with uncertainty, and unfortunately this has continued into 2021, with COVID-19 cases rising faster than we can count. It seems that no matter what we do, the numbers continue to rise.

We can only stay the course with:

  • Social distancing, by staying 2-metres apart and staying away from others
  • Washing your hands, by invoking the 20-second rule or two rounds of Happy Birthday
  • Wearing a mask, preferably a disposable medical grade mask, and if you can, cut the ear loops before you discard it as the legs of birds can get caught in uncut loops

At Active Healing Centre, we have also instituted EXTRA protocols to keep you safe:

  1. We do a verbal COVID screening assessment before confirming your appointment and then a written one before your appointment
  2. When you enter the clinic, clean your hands with hand sanitizer
  3. Enter the treatment area, while keeping your mask on and do the pre-assessment
  4. Begin treatment, with YOU (the patient) keeping your mask on throughout the treatment
  5. The therapist treats you while wearing scrubs (or appropriate clothing), mask and safety goggles
  6. Normal treatment or as normal as can be
  7. Wash hands after treatment and before handling any forms/funds etc
  8. Once patient has left the clinic, put on cleaning gloves. Remove linen from the massage table, bag the soiled linen, and wash hands again
  9. Return to room, wash massage table and surrounding area. Let dry
  10. Remove gloves, use hand sanitizer, then proceed to change into new set of clothing prior to arrival of next patient
  11. Repeat.

Screen and Clean. Screen and Clean.

As part of the protocols of keeping everyone safe, we keep a control log of everything that we touch and cleaned.  We also keep a visitors log with entry/exit time. Records are kept for 10 years.

Refer to the Ministry of Health and the Chief Medical Officer of Health, for questions that may arise.

We will get through this, together.