Active Healing Centre

Help Me Forget

About COVID-19

Normally when patients make a request for specific treatment — usually for a neck and shoulder massage — it’s from spending WAY too much time at their computer or on their phone (text-neck).  But these days, it’s also a plea to forget about COVID-19 at least for an hour or so.

COVID-19 is consuming us.

To help our patients forget about COVID-19, we’ve made a few adaptations to our treatments to help provide some stress-relief during these challenging times.

  • The room is kept at a nice and comfortable 71° C, with a heat recovery ventilator providing ventilation throughout the clinic
  • A wipeable, disinfected vinyl-covered heating pad (part of COVID-19 protocols) replaces the cloth-covered heating pad
  • A clean, fresh hot towel is placed behind the neck to give a feeling of comfort and luxury

There isn’t a cure for COVID-19 yet, but we can help you forget about it, at least for an hour or so,  To quote Deborah Dundas, Books Editor at The Toronto Star, “Space can keep us safe, but it can also drive a wedge between us. As we keep 6 feet, two metres, apart, let’s remember the literal distance is temporary; it is our humanity that connects us.