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Have You Seen Your Core?


Do you want to ride your bike easier?

Do you want to have proper position in the saddle?

Do you want to improve your golf game?

Then Pilates may be the answer you’re looking for.


If you love your bike, but can do without the discomfort in your upper back after spending hours hunched over your handlebars, then Pilates may be for you.

-it will increase your abdominal muscles and strength in your quads, as you climb up hill

-it prevents a tired upper back, by bringing your shoulders back into a neutral position

-with better posture, you’ll be streamlined without compromising form

Pilates could be the edge that you’ve been looking for.


Rider back pain is due to postural and movement patterns.

-Pilates strengthens the abdominals and back muscles, which work to support the spine

-through core strengthening, and helping the rider to release the deep hip muscle through breathing, Pilates can enable the horse and rider to move better

Lindsay Wilcox-Reid, author of Pilates for Riders

Pilates can improve rider alignment, and enhance flexibility.


By focusing on the core, Pilates can help strengthen your abdominal muscles:

-this will lead to more power in your swing, and getting more distance on long drives
-it will help relax your shoulders, and improve your short game (chip shots and putting)
-have better focus and concentration, to get past the 15th hole

Pilates could help you achieve better results, like breaking par.

The low-impact nature of Pilates makes it ideal for injury prevention and rehabilitation.