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Playing Golf

I’m looking to dust off my clubs and take up the game of golf again, after a long hiatus. The final insult was when I could throw my club further (a 9-iron) than I could hit the ball.

I’ll be getting ready for the Geomatics golf tournament and went out to play myself into shape, so as not to embarrass myself. I did enough of that at the driving range.

I did my normal stretching pre-game and post-game stretches, which helps to limber me up and find that Pilates is effective for power, as it helps to focus on the core.

To play an effective and enjoyable game, you must understand the mechanics of golf –the game itself, and proper body mechanics.

  • Your feet, though planted must rotate through the ankles and knees.
  • Your hips should be aligned with your spine, to allow movement.
  • The swing puts pressure on your low-back, with a twisting motion encompassing the full range –your core is engaged to protect your back.
  • Your shoulders and upper back twist back.
  • The follow through should be effortless to gain maximum power, with minimum effort.
  • Your aim should be for good balance and flexibility.

My goal this year is to break 100 (without any creative accounting), and stay injury free.

If I do get injured though, golfers elbow (medial epicondylitis), is a pain on the inside elbow can be effectively treated, which will eliminate one more excuse that I was planning to use.