Active Healing Centre

No Tips, Please!

Unspoken Rule

In the education of patients, the issue of tipping seems to be a point of confusion.

Tips are generally expected in the service industry, such as restaurants or bars. In other service areas, the lines get blurred.

In the aesthetics industry, including but not limited to nail salons, hairdressers etc, it is an understood practice to add 15% tip to your bill.

When the public wants to tip Massage Therapists though, it is frowned upon by our association and especially at our clinic, though we seem to be in the minority.

I don’t want to insult patients, but I inform them that we are medical professionals. I then ask whether they would tip their doctor, as we are just trying to elevate the standards of practice of our profession.

If they are so inclined though, I ask whether they can tweet us or preferably rebook.

As for tipping, it is strictly a NO-NO, and I don’t mean the hair removal system either.