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I’m Not a Parent


On Friday November 15, I was host to the 52nd Cub Scout Troop, based out of Balmy Beach Community Centre.

I tried to entertain 25 kids spread over three different groups, and thought I knew what to say to help educate them as to what services we offer at the clinic (massage therapy, physiotherapy, naturopath).

This plan fell short on a number of issues:
• They have limited attention span
• Since it’s a new venue, they wanted to play
• I needed props

The props were the hit of the show. I used
1. Tennis balls –are great to help treat shoulder and back pain
2. Thumper –which they enjoyed beating each other’s shoulders
3. Wax Bath –as they covered their hands, and made plans for Halloween
4. Chocolate –because you can never get enough

I enjoyed the visit and hope they learned something too.  Next time, I’ll be better prepared and trained by a parent.