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Winter Posture


Despite the unseasonably warm weather that we’ve been experiencing (at least in some parts of Canada, especially in Toronto), I’m still seeing patients come in with hunched shoulders and compressed necks while staving off the cold. What will they do when the weather changes?

For those lucky enough to get away for a Caribbean holiday, good for you. For those without those means, here are a few suggestions to treat hunched shoulders and neck pain:

1. try a hot or warm compress, wrapped around your shoulders
2. do neck rolls, looking from one ear to the other without allowing your head to go into a full circle
3. raise your shoulders, then drop them to get increased ROM and mobility
4. do neck stretches in the shower which gives you the benefit of heat too
5. get a massage to help soothe those sore aching muscles
6. try a yoga class

Winter can be a challenging season, but with the right preparation and attitude towards the cold, it can be enjoyable too! I’ll remind myself of this last line, during the next cold snap.

See your doctor if the pain persists or doesn’t go away within a day or two.
See your therapist if treatment is recommended.