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For Tears

Last night while playing baseball, I ran full-out to beat the throw to first. I made it, but I PAID for it! When I heard a POP, I suffered a partial tear of my hamstring. I hobbled the remainder of the game, and went to the ER (at Toronto East General Hospital) to get the diagnosis.

Partial tear of the semi-tendinosus tendon of the bicipetal femoris muscle.
No surgery required, unless I was 20 years old a/o an Olympic athlete. I am neither.

Treatment prognosis: Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation for a week, Advil and lots of rest.
1. I can sit on a bag of ice to help with the swelling and inflammation.
2. I can perch my foot on a stool to elevate it and drain the fluid around the ankle/calf.
3. I can wear a compression bandage to give me support, like the crutches. These are challenging enough.
4. But REST. That I’m going to have most difficulty with.

I always have projects to do. The cost of running a business.
REST? What’s that…
This time I’m forced to spend as much time off my feet to give me a chance to heal, or hobble and extend my recovery time.

Let pain be your guide I always say. If it’s discomfort try to work through it, but if it’s pain -back off. Now I’m the one who is supposed to listen to my own advice.

I have become very aware of acute pain. Acute as in the critical first 24 hours, not CUTE pain.
I also know about muscle spasm which rears it’s head, frequently.
Finally, trying to move while massaging. I’m shuffling my feet, to get around the table. This will be my greatest challenge.

In Conclusion:
I’m a lousy patient, because I’m stubborn and just want to get over it ASAP.
My hamstring has other ideas 🙁