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Impatient Patient

Treating Myself

I am an Impatient Patient.

We treat all sorts of people, who become patients of the clinic. Whether they are coming in for therapy, relaxation, stress relief, acupuncture, or skin care we have the experience and caring practitioners who can give good quality care.

As I sit here (off-site) with my leg propped up resting my leg/knee, I’m trying to plan my next move which does not result in excruciating pain. A difficult task indeed.


Follow the RICE protocol.
Eat pineapple, the active ingredient is bromelaine which helps with repairing muscle damage.

I’m going to get a massage tomorrow (with Sue), for lymph drainage to help with the swelling, followed by light stroking around the knee, ITB, hamstrings and compensating leg so I can speed up the healing process.

On Sunday, I’m going swimming and use the pool hydrotherapy to increase circulation and decrease blood pooling and flush out any toxin build up around the joint, thereby increasing ROM of the knee.

Then on Monday, I’ll get acupuncture (with Holly), and any other Naturopathic remedy she has to alleviate the pressure.

Tuesday is a rest day. Thursday is re-assessment day to find out the prognosis of my injury.

Oh, and try to work in between.

I have the training, knowledge and experience to treat myself, but will allow myself to be treated by others too. I will defer to them, and TRY to listen to their suggestions. This is my journey into self-recovery.

I am stubborn.
I am impatient.
I am motivated.
I am a man.