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Weekend Warrior

Be Careful

E. is a weekend warrior, although his injury occurred on a Wednesday.

Like many “athletes,” E. primarily plays his sports on the weekend or fits them into his schedule on an ad hoc basis. These sports are usually: hockey, baseball, cycling. Most are team sports, but ones that require intense exercise or bursts of energy as the play dictates.

E.’s injury was during a game of slow-pitch baseball, when an intense burst of energy was needed to beat the throw to first. The energy wasn’t the only thing to burst, as his hamstring went POP as he tore the hamstring while sprinting.

E. was in ER later that evening to be assessed. This was followed by ultrasound to confirm the diagnosis and to determine the length of the tear of his athletic injury.

Upon further review and assessment, his biceps femoris was shown to have partially torn away from the attachment at the fibula. There were multiple contusions (bruising) with a wide range of colours –black, blue, green, yellow. There is moderate swelling and inflammation around the site which is being managed with anti-inflammatories and analgesic ointment.

Physiotherapy treatment will consist of:
• wrapping the leg in a tensor bandage in a zig-zag pattern to keep the muscle attached to the femur and allow proper movement
• contrast bathing (warm and cool at 2 minutes each) for 15 minutes, to help flush out toxins and aid in circulation
• ultrasound, to breakdown any adhesions that may form
• home care suggestions, to prevent further injury and re-occurrence.

Treatment would entail RICE for the first week, with a heavy emphasis on REST and ICE.
Week two to three would focus on CONTRAST bathing, and homecare.
Week six would focus on ROM and stretching, to prevent adhesions and scar tissue.
Week eight to ten, will focus on strengthening the muscle and prevent re-injury.

No cycling.
No baseball.
No hiking.

There goes the summer.