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Spring Cleaning

Liver Cleanse

Spring is coming…
The birds are chirping. You have more energy. You are getting up early. You’re enjoying the scenery.

Although it feels great, don’t you know that deep down inside it could be just a little better.

One of the easiest ways to kick start your day is with a liver cleanse. What? More stuff to do. This one is really easy, which is why I probably like it so much.

Take one lemon and cut it in half.
Get a glass of warm water or one tall enough to have during the day.
Place one half of the lemon in the glass and pour warm water over it (it’s best to start in the morning). Drink throughout the day.

  • It is refreshing
  • A great liver cleanse
  • Lemons are just as versatile as duct tape (with apologies to Red Green) when it comes to uses in cooking AND cleansing

So start your day, with a refreshing boost of energy to your day. Your liver will thank you.