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Wellness Bonus

Laurie Jennings

From the Health Desk of Laurie Jennings, Associate Editor of Chatelaine magazine (November 2013):

I feel so lucky to have amazing health coverage through my work.
Believe me, I take advantage of it all -and then some!

The reason is simple:
Study after study shows immense benefits are linked with therapies like Massage (less stress, better circulation and mood, fewer wrinkles).
Acupuncture or traditional Chinese medicine (better outcomes for chronic pain and some diseases).
and Naturopathy (effective weight loss, more energy).

That’s why it amazes me when people say they have coverage, “but never use it.”

If you fall into this camp, why not sneak in a massage or two before the end of the year.
Not only do I guarantee it’ll feel amazing but you’ll kick start a happier and healthier 2014.