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Massage Therapy Benefits

The positives

Massage is a hands-on type of therapy that treats the whole body, primarily targeting muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints to optimize health.  It has a therapeutic effect on muscular, nervous, and circulatory systems.  Swedish massage is the most massage type and the foundation for other types of massage such as sports massage and deep tissue massage.  It can be preventative or restorative, and it helps to maintain, rehabilitate, and relieve pain.

Massage can help with:

  • Aging by enhancing tissue elasticity and joint flexibility
  • Injury prevention by treating unbalanced muscle groups
  • Muscle soreness by increasing circulation and the removal of metabolic waste products
  • Posture by providing relief of contracted muscles and pain caused by abnormal spinal curvatures
  • Self-care through education and the application of exercises and range of motion techniques that can be used at home
  • Sports by helping achieve personal bests with minimum injury and pain
  • Stress by relieving symptoms aggravated by anxiety, insomnia
  • Tight muscles by releasing tension to stretch and kneading muscles and fascia
  • Tingling in arms or legs by releasing muscle spasms


  • Massage therapy is the most frequently used therapy for musculoskeletal problems
  • People suffering from tension headaches experience long-term improvements with massage therapy
  • Massage therapy complements other types of health care treatments, such as chiropractic and physiotherapy
  • Massage therapy benefits people of all ages